Doubling the surface area : 100ha available by the end of 2016, primarily aimed at industrials, and energy and logistics providers from the MRE sector.


A surface area of 100ha readily available

©J.Houyvet-Biplan ©J.Houyvet-Biplan

An optional 300ha of additional port land in the port of Cherbourg’s roadstead

In February 2014, 317ha of the marine area located in the roadstead were handed over to Ports of Normandy Authority by the French State. This unprecedented operation in France provides the Port of Cherbourg with the possibility of constructing new port land, if need be.

100 million euros of investments for 100ha of converted and extended port land


The features of the Port of Cherbourg allows investments to be limited to 100 million euros for the large-scale works for transforming the port (development of existing port land, 39ha extension of port land on the roadstead, extension of the heavy-load quay totalling nearly 100ha of converted land), with a secondary benefit regarding the cost of real estate. 


Large-scale works for a major construction project


The seawall's extension and rock works: construction of
a 1.8-kilometre protective seawall made of 250,000 tons of riprap, each rock weighing up to 5 or 6 tons, to contain the 5 million m3 of dredged materials that make up the future extension of port land.  These construction works are conducted by the company Jan de Nul in association with DTP terrassements, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, under the supervision of Ports of Normandy Authority.