The proximity of the Port of Caen-Ouistreham to the future Courseulles-sur-Mer offshore wind farm and its 24/7 accessibility has led EMF (consortium made up of EDF EN, DONG, WPD, with Alstom) to select Ouistreham as the maintenance base.


The Port of Caen-Ouistreham possesses characteristics which naturally orient it to fulfilling the function of a main base during the construction phase of the offshore wind farms, and then for maintenance given the following advantages:

24/7 access to the outer harbour,

Proximity to Courseulles-sur-Mer offshore wind farm

Numerous port services (port security and assistance, towing, etc.),

Road, air and ferry connections,

Services of a major city


The use and maintenance of the Courseulles-sur-Mer offshore wind farm require the outer harbour to be adapted.

Objective: to allow the wind farm contracting authority to:

  • Construct business offices, by enlarging the platform,
  • Accommodate vessels bringing workers and cargo to and from the offshore wind farm, by installing floating pontoons and creating a space for handling operations.
  •  During construction of the Courseulles site, vessels aiding in the said construction will also make use of these new installations, 

Begun in the last semester of 2016, these development works managed by Ports of Normandy Authority will enable us to redesign the whole outer harbour in order to improve its functionality: facilitate security and assistance operations, logical use of the water space, reorganisation of land areas, secure and optimise access to the West gateMore broadly, the port could make its quay length (9m) and shipping facilities available to accommodate those vessels in use during the construction phase of the Courseulles-sur-Mer site.