Plate-forme avancée au cœur de la Manche, au plus près des côtes britanniques, le port de Cherbourg offre des atouts rares :     

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Unique Assets:

An advanced platform in the English Channel, within easy reach of the British coast, the Port of Cherbourg has a whole list of remarkable qualities:

  • accessible 24/7, with no locks or air space constraints
  • firm ground, ideal for handling heavy loads
  • 500-T Ro-Ro linkspan
  • a harbour in the shelter of the largest artificial roadstead in Europe, which can be used for storage operations away from the port area and berths
  • launching facilities : 3000-T Synchrolift, 300-T ship lift
  • 13 metres of water guaranteed all year round
  • multimodal : access by dual carriageway or railway line 
  • zone without any specific regulatory constraints.