La Normandie organisera la conférence mondiale sur les Energies Marines Renouvelables en 2018

Normandy just won the organization of the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) in June 2018. Held by West Normandy Marine Energy (WNME or French ONEM) and Bluesign, the application put forward the technological, economic and structural lead of Normandy for ocean energy development. Washington, USA, was competing against Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, Normandy to host the event in 2 years.

ICOE gathers 600 to 900 experts and about a hundred exhibitors every two years: in 2016, 25 countries were represented. Normandy thus succeeds to its 2 partners on ocean energy since ICOE was hosted by Halifax (Canada) in 2014 and by Edinburg (Scotland) in 2016, both of these events were attended by West Normandy Marine Energy.

Let us recall here that the Bay of Fundy (Canada), Orkney Islands (Scotland) and Alderney Race (France, Cotentin) are today the 3 major sites for tidal energy commercial development. These 3 sites are already subject to project development for major project developers such as DCNS-OpenHydro, EDF-EN, ENGIE (partnering with General Electric), but also Atlantis and DP Energy.


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